Welcome to Sober Greetings

There are perhaps a few people that will show up here looking for the old blog. It is still around, it has just moved here AA Blog. It includes all the posts from the old blog plus years worth of the latest news. I had to move the site so that I could reinstall wordpress on a new server. Unfortunately that did not work real smoothly and I had to reassemble things.

I was never happy with the setup of the old blog for a number of reasons. The biggest was I had no effective way of dealing with upgrades to the blogging software. This led me to not being able to handle all the comment spam so I had to turn commenting off. No more. The comments are back on. So lets see what happens from here........


An eclectic collection of web sites I find interesting.

I am a person that works at leading a healthy, spiritual life. As part of the health part, I try to eat a good diet and fast (how to fast). I also try to exercise but that can be a problem with my creaky back.

For the spiritual side of things, I like to get outside in nature. I don't belong to a church but I do feel the presence of a higher power when I am in a nice natural setting. That is why I try to go to such places whenever I can. If I am stuck in a city, and I have lived in some heavily populated places, I have to visit local parks and lakes. In Texas I go to places like Joe Pool Lake and in Georgia I try to get to Lake Allatoona and Red Top Mountain State Park. In the northeast, the beach is a great place to go - the Jersey shore is great and I have visited Ortley Beach, Lavallette, and Seaside Heights.