Friday August 1, 2008

Why not.

Joe Pool Lake I think I need to just start writing a bit more freely to allow me to post more regularly. Don’t even waste any mental energy on coming up with some catchy title to the idea I want to expand upon. Just hammer out the date and go from there.

A few weeks to go until my wedding date. Man, it is just so exciting. I’m not so nervous about getting married as much I am purely filling up with a lot of pent up wanting-to-have-it-all-happen. I generally have it come up in my thoughts before I fall asleep and as soon as I wake up. What is all this going to be like a week from now? How about the Wednesday before the big weekend?

I spoke to one of my old sponsees for a long time on the phone last night. I had to ask him if he would read the Prayer of St. Francis during the ceremony. It was great to talk to him about so many things but a lot of it was of course about the wedding. It was a great conversation and I realized, in blabbering so much on the phone, that I have more nervous energy than I would have ever imagined.

After talking to my friend I realized we need to try to have a meeting the Saturday morning of my wedding day. There will be at least 7 AA folks by then at the place we are having our weekend wedding party.

And that’s that. Some random thoughts for a Friday evening.