Have a Little Faith

I am reading what has, so far, been a great book (Have a Little Faith: A True Story). The story is about one man’s journey exploring his ambivalence towards God and any kind of spiritual life. I came across this great passage about the secret to happiness. Paraphrasing from the book: Be satisfied and grateful for what you have, for love and for what God has given you. Pretty darn good advice that goes along nicely with so many things I have been taught and shown in AA, and in living a sober life.

One of the interesting things going on with my reading this book is my sense that I need to read more inspirational works as a part of my general reading. Sure I read the handful of things that I have been reading for years (Big Book, 12 X 12, etc.) but I also need to read other things as well. Throw new stuff not only into the mix but outside of my normal reading practices that are a part of my habitats (or sometimes my lack thereof!).

Be well. And Sober.

One comment on “Have a Little Faith

  • I do to think I should add more inspirational reading into my everyday reading. I loved the book Eat, Pray, Love and The Shack. This book you mentioned sounds right up my ally and I hope it is available on my nook. I have never been on a blog before but I feel so lost and miserable sometimes. I always thought that feeling would go away when I got sober, but after 7 years its still there and I am having one of those days where I can’t quit crying. I have had these days more frequently the past couple months and its very frustrating.

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