April 9, 2014 Just for Today

Two days, two posts. Wow. A cup of morning joe, some musings and writing.

Today I am delving into a bit of “this may be a glimpse of things to come.” I have to drive a little over an hour to visit the school I will be teaching a class at this coming fall. My wife teaches there and I will be filling in for her as she will be a bit busy come September….giving birth and taking care of our new baby. I don’t anticipate this will lead to a permanent job for me at this school. Still, it is not a bad idea for me to get some much needed practical experience teaching a course. Provided that I might pursue a teaching position somewhere, someday.

I enjoy teaching a lot. At least in certain situations. Helping others and walking someone through the steps. Awesome. One-on-one or in small groups teaching folks about biology (my specialty), Great. Getting locked into a job that includes teaching. Well, I am not as sure. But that has as much to do with my fears, quirks and insecurities – not so much that I don’t think I would not like doing this. Part of how I talk myself out/down from going after a full time teaching gig is to tell myself I would not like certain parts. I essentially sell myself on saying those are deal breakers. Yet I waver as to whether my head is giving me self-justification for not making a commitment to trying to pursue teaching or if my concerns are legitimate.

Worry, fear insecurity. Hmmmm. Seems I need to pray about this one. Give it up, let it be and allow the big guy to take care of it all.

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